Stella Foundation Scholarship

Named after Stella Mawere, the foundation is managed by CareerAid.


Stella Foundation is targeted at paying for tuition and fees to orphans and vulnerable children in primary and secondary. We identify high potential young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and circumstances and affording them the opportunity to realise their potential. This is achieved through a multi-tiered partnership with generous donors, friends, supporters and the most important partner, the student who embraces the opportunity and fully invests themselves in order to succeed.

Who qualifies for the Scholarship

The applicants should be disadvantaged and orphaned children from Zimbabwe for example:

  • Both parents alive but unable to sustain the family e.g. both affected and infected by HIV but not responding to treatment.
  • Have lost both parents.
  • Have lost a single parent.

Documentation Required

  • Applicants certified birth certificate
  • Deceased parent’s or guardian’s certified birth certificate
  • School invoice and banking details showing the amount of fees to be paid.
  • Affidavit signed by the police or commissioner of Oaths where documents above are not available.
  • Motivation letter from the guardian.